One Stop Center (OSC) Objectives

  1. Coordinate and expedite the approval process for land development applications in PTG and PBT which includes planning permission applications, building plans and other plans;
  2. Shorten the time norm and facilitate the application process for planning permission, building plan and land development application certificate for Build Then Sell (BKJ) concept, High Impact Projects and Foreign Investment as well as Government Projects within four (4) months and under the Sell Then concept Build (JKB) within six (6) months;
  3. To standardize the procedure and process for applications for planning, building plans and land development applications by taking into account the provisions under the National Land Code 1965 (Act 172) and the Drainage, Roads and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133).

One Stop Center (OSC) Function

  1. Coordinate and monitor development proposal applications and other applications received;
  2. Coordinate OSC Coordination Meetings;
  3. Inform the results of the approval of the development proposal application to the applicant;
  4. Monitor the CCC production process;
  5. Make a certificate of land development application to the Land Office;
  6. Provide periodic reporting; and
  7. Perform tasks through instructions from time to time.

OSC 3.0 Plus Online Services (url :

  1. OSC Objectives 3.0 :
    1. Provide complete and detailed development procedures and process manual documents for the reference of stakeholders and stakeholders, especially Local Authorities, technical agencies / departments, developers, professional consultants and the public;
    2. Strengthen the role and responsibilities of the OSC as the parent secretariat to the OSC Committee to achieve appropriate uniformity;
    3. Outline the scope, roles and responsibilities of the applicant (landowner, developer and professional consultant) in the development process to enhance competence and professionalism;
    4. Set a reasonable period of time (approval / review / support for each stage of the development process as a target (KPI) to strengthen the delivery system of the authority;
    5. Outline procedures for processing, monitoring and inspecting development project sites by local authorities and technical agencies / departments until the building is fit for occupancy;
    6. Ensure the effectiveness of the monitoring process and law and regulatory enforcement actions on development project sites;
    7. Reduce workload, bureaucracy and ensure transparent governance through the development of OSC 3.0 Plus Online system.

      b. OSC 3.0 Plus Online Main Process

  1. Process 1: Collection of Technical Information (Non -Mandatory)
  2. Process 2: Development Plan Consideration
  3. Process 3: Notification of Start of Construction Work
  4. Process 4: Construction Site Monitoring and Interim Inspection Notification
  5. Process 5: Final Examination Notification Stage I and Stage II
  6. Process 6: CCC Deposit

      c. Checklist Form

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-01 (Permohonan Pelan Kebenaran Merancang)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-01a (Permohonan Pelan Kebenaran Merancang Terhad)

PK-MPK-OSC-01-01b (Permohonan Pelan Kebenaran Merancang Terhad Menara Pemancar)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-02a (Permohonan Pelan Infrastruktur)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-02b (Permohonan Pelan Lampu Jalan)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-03 (Permohonan Pelan Bangunan)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-04 (Permohonan Pelan Landskap)

PK-MPK-OSC-01-05a (P3-Notifikasi Mula Kerja)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-05b (P4-Pemeriksaan Interim)

PK-MPK-OSC-01-05c (P5 Pemeriksaan Akhir 1&2)

PK-MPK-OSC-01-05d (P6-Deposit CCC)

PDF icon PK-MPK-OSC-01-06 (Permohonan Pelan Nama Taman_Jalan_Bangunan)

PP-MPK-OSC-01-07 (Penginapan Pekerja Secara Jangka Pendek)