To be a quality and professional department in financial management.


Maximize revenue and optimize expenditure to enhance local development through the efficiency and effectiveness of financial management.


  • To ensure that the financial management of the Council is managed efficiently and in an orderly manner in accordance with the financial rules that have been set.
  • Provide the best service to customers.
  • Improve financial planning and control with better quality.


  • Payment is made within 14 days from the date a complete claim is received at the Finance Department.
  • Work Indent/Government Order is prepared within 14 days from the date the complete document is received at the Finance Department.
  • Receipt of payment at the Kluang Municipal Council Counter is processed within a period of up to 15 minutes to be completed depending on the number of bills to be paid.
  • Receipt of property assessment tax payment through online or online banking is processed within 14 days from the date of receipt of payment until the date the receipt is posted.


- Revenue and Finance Functions

      - Result Quotes

  • Receive all proceeds of the Council
  • Maintain and record revenue receipts
  • Ensure that the collection proceeds are stored securely and deposited into the account at the Bank on a daily basis
  • Make monthly and annual reports and revenue statements

        - Financial

  • Manage current savings and fixed deposits in the bank
  • Manage cash flow
  • Prepare revenue and expenditure statements for committee meetings
  • Managing Petty Cash
  • Manage and maintain trust accounts and Trust Funds
  • Payment and Budget Functions

       - Payment

  • Manage payments to Council suppliers / customers
  • Review all supporting documents on all payment vouchers correctly and in an orderly manner based on Treasury Instructions and Circulars before payment is approved

     - Salary

  • Process emolument payments of Council staff
  • Check the Kew 8 overtime claim form, deduction list and all documents related to salary payment
  • Prepare Annual Income statement (Form EC)

      - Asset and Store Management

  • Record and maintain movable assets and stocks in accordance with established procedures
  • Make disposals for assets or stocks that are not economically used and obsolete
  • Prepare annual reports and lists of assets and stocks to be presented in JKPAK and sent to the State Treasury

      - Account

  • To prepare the financial statements of the Council in accordance with the Local Government Act 1976
  • Ensure that the Annual Statement is sent to the National Audit Department according to the set date

      - Procurement Management

  • Ensure allocations are always adequate before spending
  • Prepare allocation transfer working papers and add allocations for one off and new policies
  • Ensure that the bill list and vote book are well maintained
  • Plan the appropriate procurement method for each One Off purchase of supplies and services of each department
  • Manage the opening of quotation documents for supplies & services for each department
  • Ensure that applications for procurement of supplies and services from each department have adequate allocation and propose procurement methods that are appropriate to the existing allocation
  • Prepare quotation documents for supplies and services as well as conduct procurement committee meetings
  • Improving procurement governance by adhering to procurement principles so that it can be implemented in a transparent, fair and equitable manner
  • To plan and recommend the procurement committee involved in accordance with the existing 1PP circular so that the procurement process can be implemented quickly and accurately
  • Ensure SST / certificate is completed and local orders are issued according to the stipulated period