Objectives of the Legal Unit

  • Creating a community that truly knows, understands, obeys and appreciates the law
  • Provide adequate laws and regulations to ensure the well-being of the Council and local residents
  • Provide legal understanding to Council staff so that action is taken within the jurisdiction of the law
  • Provide adequate reading material and legal references for the Council's reference use
  • Update all applicable legal provisions from time to time
  • Ensure all Council actions are not ultra vires with any law

Functions of the Legal Unit

A. Prosecution

  • Examining prosecution procedures followed
  • Verify prosecution documents
  • Certify documents or evidence required by the panel for civil cases.
  • Coordinate and implement prosecution actions in court for offenses under the MPK Act and By-Laws
  • Prepare and complete prosecution documents
  • Managing summons submission assistance
  • Coordinate public liability claims
  • Assist in the compound reduction application process

B. Administration of Law

  • Provide advisory services for draft by-laws and agreements with third parties
  • Certify the lease agreement
  • Coordinate arrears claim actions
  • Certify the management of the submission of the summons
  • Verify the management of Public Complaints
  • Prepare and execute the signing of agreements
  • Carry out Rental arrears claim action
  • Facilitate the preparation of Draft By-Laws and Orders
  • Coordinate and update departmental file management

Vision of the Legal Unit

To make the citizens of Kluang Municipality a group that understands and complies with the provisions of existing laws, policies and regulations applied by local authorities

Mission of the Legal Unit

To make the Legal Unit as an element that always protects the rights and interests of the Kluang Municipal Council and takes into account justice for the public interest

Applicable By-Laws Act

  • Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976
  • Akta Jalan, Parit dan Bangunan 1974
  • Akta Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 1976
  • Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987

The following are the bylaws of the Kluang Municipal Council