The Kluang Municipal Council promises to give quick and efficient service to clients without sacrificing the quality and quantity.

  • Process applications or requests according to our capabilities as follow :

Public Complaint

 1. Customer complaint will be resolved in period of 14 days after receiving complaint, if do not involve high cost

Progress Plan Approval Application

 1. Progress plan application will be passed provided it comply Department willinvolved and attached with all documents that are complete. Applicant Approval as follows :

                a. Truth Plan                                = 57 Days
                b. Building Plan                           = 37 Days

                c. Infrastructure Plan                   = 37 Days

                d. Landscape Plan                      = 37 Days

               e. Simultaneous Application Plan = 69 Days

Approval For Licence Application

 1. Application for approval for licence not risky in period of 1 working days.

 2. Application for risky approval for licence in period of 30 working days

Property Tax Bill Delivery

 1. Property tax bill will be delivered to hold owner were not late on 31 January and 31 July each year.

Variation Plan Approval Application / Additional

 1. Variation plan approval application and additional will be considered in period of 14days.

 2. Permohonann temporary approval of permits (put heavy vehicle), install canopy androad closure) will be considered in period of 7 days.