Over 20,000 Johor hawkers under 16 Local Authorities (PBTs) will benefit from the exception of the license fees for hawkers from September 1. Menteri Besar Datuk Osman Sapian said the state's financial standing strongly believed to be able to accommodate and not affect the results of local authorities in the state. He said the exception of hawker license fees was granted to all types of hawker licenses conducting business activities in the night market, a day or morning market, mobile hawkers, static hawkers and all Karat Bazaar dealers. It is estimated that the hawker license fee exemption for this year will cost over RM2.11 million. "To mitigate the loss of Johor's PBT results, the state government will channel aid to the PBT in the form of a Balance Grant and development allowance for PBT to implement its various projects and programs. The allocation amount for the purpose of accommodating the loss of PBT revenue is based on the actual amount of hawker license exemption last year at around RM1.96 million, "he said. Osman said this to reporters after launching the exemption of the Johor hawker license fee at Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru tonight, which was also attended by Tan Hong Pin's Local Government, Science and Technology Committee Chairman. He said however, the revenue hawker license already collected prior to the enforcement date of the exclusion would not be refunded. "The exception is only a license fee, however, the terms of the license issued by the Local Authorities are to be complied with. "It should be noted here that all hawkers are still obliged to apply and obtain licenses from the Local Authority to do business for the purposes of monitoring and enforcing and compliance with license conditions," he said. - Bernama